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VETSEMR healthcare business consulting services address the industry trends and market forces that are driving business and IT spend—from rethinking new business models to optimizing operations and enabling technology innovation. VETSEMR is a healthcare consultancy comprised of the most committed and seasoned team who specialize in turning data into actionable information. 

Our focus is on delivering genuine, highly professional resources to healthcare organizations utilizing software solutions such as Epic, Cerner, MediTech, and Siemens. Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client. We build lasting relationships with clients, focusing on understanding the client’s perspective, and their needs.

  • Project Management
  • Application Design
  • Go Live and Post Live
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Upgrades and Optimization

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The success of your Epic implementation, from your purchase decision all the way through your optimization efforts is likely the largest IT financial project you’ll undertake.

The success of your implementation depends upon your in-house expertise and the expertise of your consultants. VETSEMR brings not only the best resources in the industry to bear but also our commitment to you and our resources that VETSEMR will do everything in our power to ensure your success. Let’s create a team that defines best practice.

Our team of Cerner consultants are industry veterans with extensive hands-on experience. From planning to implementation, VETSEMR has you covered.

From increasing customer acquisition rates to increasing sales, we focus on the total customer experience to ensure that it remains a competitive advantage for your company.

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Training
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Integration and Reporting
  • Industry and Product Education

    Tailored education on EAI products, services, standards, and architecture and how they are best applied to a client’s organization and real-time needs.

    Provide training to an organization’s integration staff beyond the middleware vendor’s programs. Providing practical insight, proven best practices, and product implementation assistance, and on-going support.

  • Strategic Staffing

    We provide short and long-term staffing of experienced, vendor certified consultants to help you get an organization’s projects done. Our consultants have the background and expertise to lead projects from inception through completion while providing best practices and ongoing support documents and templates for the project.

  • Implementation Services

    We create and design interface analysis, development, testing, deployment and launch activities utilizing an organization’s infrastructure and tools.

    With experts in HL7, XML, X12, and COLD/Enterprise Report Management (ERM) document integration, we follow an organization’s standards or we can leverage our proven best practices and methodologies.

    Our consultants follow the integration industry and quickly become involved in, and experts of, new technologies, strategies, and mandated requirements as they become available. With new IHE and DICOM standards on the horizon we can assist in getting staff up to speed on new message standards and delivery methodology.

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